A Simple Yet Powerful Online Cash Flow Evaluation Tool for Entrepreneurs

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Understand Your Startup’s Maximum Exposure in Less Than 1 Hour!​

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Kwik Look Free Trial: Overview Video

Kwik Look

Helping Startup Entrepreneurs Answer the Question:
“When Will My Business Idea Make Money?”

Kwik Look Free Trial: Overview Video

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Simple & Easy to Use

Kwik Look is a user friendly online application that allows entrepreneurs to quickly understand when their new business idea will make money.

What People Say

‘‘When previously trying to evaluate a business proposal, I would spend an inordinate amount of time piecing together the information to try to project potential cash flows, risks and to minimize exposure. This process has been made a lot quicker and more efficient with Kwik Look. A powerful yet simple tool that will allow aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses to see if it’s viable to take an opportunity or concept to market. Well done to the team at Kwik Look, this will be something my partner and I will happily advise our clients to use before investing.’’


Mathilda Loh

Systems and Performance Improvement Manager.

‘‘Well thought of, simple, easy to use tool for businesses new to Singapore to quickly assess the potential value realization and idea feasibility before making any financial commitments.’’


Koen van Gurp

Founder of TalentSquare

Our Strategic Partners

Kwik Look is working closely with the Gold Coast Innovation Hub, to ensure that all businesses going through the Hub’s Bootcamp have a solid understanding of their potential cashflow, risks and viability. Based on the results, the Hub is then able to determine which businesses to fund through the Accelerator program, with a clear basis for deciding what an appropriate investment amount and equity stake would be.