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There’s so much to navigate when starting your business – your product or service, your employees, your customers – that sometimes understanding your cash flow is ignored until you desperately need funding. We know there’s a better way.

We created this guide to help you, the entrepreneur, get on the path to navigate your cash flows in real time, not just funding time. It starts with translating your idea into a robust cash flow projection. After that, you can focus on strategies to mitigate your key cash flow risks, and negotiate a good deal with confidence knowing how much your equity is worth.

Let our Entrepreneur’s Guide to Achieving Early Funding put you on the path to success.

Why and what are you trying to achieve? What is your True North? You definitely need to know that before you can even think about steering in that direction. Let this set of videos and articles, inspire and help you to get your bearings. Start with articulating why, what and how your new business idea will create value.

No matter where you are in your business, a strong cash flow foundation is a must. As an entrepreneur you have the opportunity to get that foundation set early on so you can confidently develop and grow your business. We want that for you too. This set of videos and articles helps you create a financial foundation on which to grow.

Ongoing guidance and support from experts and mentors is essential for development, growth and success. Having a clear cash flow road map, is the foundation for meaningful discussions on how to identify, understand & mitigate key risks that impact profitability. Here we empower you with proven tools and strategies for achieving a profitable business idea. And if it’s not, you’ll know it before it’s too late.

Have you validated your:

  • Customer-Problem Fit?
  • Problem - Solution Fit?
  • Product - Market Fit?

Go back and iterate your Business Model Canvas, and Cash Flow Forecast each time you learn something via Lean Experimentation. This will enable you to increase your chances of success by making informed decisions based on Cash Flow impact. You will also be empowered to convincingly answer investor questions during pitch competitions.


Whether you are in discussions with service investors, or looking for funding from Angel's or early stage VC's (ie. Seed or Series A), your pitch needs a robust equity evaluation in order for you to engage credibly and confidently with investors. Transparency is important to ensure a fair balance between investor risk-reward requirements, and safe guarding the amount of equity exchanged. These materials will help you develop a robust pitch, to convince investors to take your business idea to the next level.

A good long term, value creating entrepreneur-investor relationship is built on trust, transparency and communication. Ongoing tracking and reporting of financial metrics is a key requirement for all investors. These articles will help you understand what is important to early stage investors and how to keep them happy. Proper ongoing cash flow reporting can help others help you to scale and grow.

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