Simple, Easy & Powerful Online Cash Flow Evaluation Tool for Entrepreneurs

Kwik Look is a user friendly online application that allows entrepreneurs to quickly understand when their new business idea will make money.

Ideal for those who want hassle free post-tax cash flow analysis. If you are looking to expand your business overseas, an understanding of local considerations (including impact of corporate tax), will help you prioritise which countries will be more profitable

Kwik Look will automatically evaluate different scenarios to help you understand your key business risks. Once risks are understood they can be managed and mitigated. Do you know if you have sufficient cash “run way” to meet unexpected challenges?

Your Business Plan is a crucial document for engaging potential partners and investors, or applying for grants or business loans. Incorporate Kwik Look’s professional looking results & reports to help demonstrate the viability of your business.

Unlimited updates and re-evaluations enable you to work with others (ie. mentors, experts etc) to refine and improve your business idea BEFORE committing to any major expenditures. Lack of experience and lack of preparation are a general theme behind the oft quoted statistic that 90% of startups fail. Can you (incl. family/friends) afford to lose hard earned savings / retirement funds?

Using Kwik Look